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Natural Dog Food That Makes Tummies Growl!

See this guy to the left?  He’s our own dog Ben and this is the sort of outlandish behaviour we’ve had to put up with since starting Growling Tums.  We haven’t quite perfected the act of ‘dog talking’ but we’ve taken a leap that this is some kind of dog way of showing support for our range of natural dog foods.  Just before we snapped this pic he caught a glimpse of his dinner!

Now we don’t want to alarm you, but if you decide to feed your own dog on Growling Tums dog food then this sort of attitude could catch on.  After all, we’ve sourced our quality ingredients from the farms and streams of Britain to make the food taste superb.  Don’t fret however, as unlike some other dog food brands that will forever remain unnamed around here, we’ve actually kept all the natural goodness in the food.  No artificial ingredients!

1000's Of 5 Star Reviews, These Are Just 4 Of Them

I feed growling Tums to my own dogs having tried many other brands available in the UK. Just a month after feeding their food coats and skin looked great, and no more digestion issues. A great reassurance that they are on a healthy diet.
Julie Baker
Pet Nutritionist
After nearly a month of Growling Tums food, twice a day, Lupo has a noticeably shinier coat and always leaves a clean bowl. I’d have no hesitation recommending this food to fellow dog owners looking for quality, a great price and to support an up and coming British business. Read her full review
Jessica Maccio
Velcro Dog Blog
From first bite, Dexter enjoyed the salmon and potato and he continues to thrive on it. It's also made a huge difference to the tear stains around his eyes with none of the weeping that he'd experienced with the last dog food he'd tried. Great value for money and he seems to really enjoy it!
Alison H
Chuck’s been having the Growling Tums for a couple of weeks now and he’s absolutely loving it! He wolfs his dinner down when its put down for him (with other brands of dry food, he turns his nose up until he’s so hungry that he forces himself to eat!) and his coat is looking fantastic. Read her full review

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    We’ve just released our Gourmet range of dog foods for all those dogs with a special interest in delicious doggy food. Made from lots of fresh meat and no added grains it’s a dinner time treat with added TLC. It comes in 4 adult flavours including Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato, Lamb & Mint with Sweet Potato and Peas, Turkey & Cranberry with Sweet Potato and Pork & Apple with Sweet Potato. With great ingredients you also get some excellent health benefits due to the natural minerals and vitamins included in each food.

    We’ve also released a gourmet puppy food made from Chicken, Turkey, Salmon & Country Vegetables. No grains in this one either, just a balanced selection of ingredients designed to give your new arrivals a great start in life. Oh, and very tasty one too!

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