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  • From katemcdonald22 on Scrumptious Salmon & Potato Dog Food

    Very happy to have found Growling Tums. Our Ridgeback puppy had a dodgy tummy right up until we made the change a couple of months ago and at 9 months old he’s now thriving on the salmon and potato large breed. I’m thinking of moving our Vizsla onto this food. He’s been on burns alert for 4 years but I hate the dust you get at the bottom of the bag, which you don’t get with this. Would be good if you done a loyalty points system 😊

  • From K roberts on New - Gourmet Senior Light Salmon & Trout

    My dog loves this food she is a 2 year old lab slightly over weight has a sensitive tummy and can’t eat chicken we have been feeding her on the salmon and sweet potato diet and have just switched to salmon and trout gourmet no worries about the change over she loves it and hopefully will loose some weight

  • From Jill on Gourmet Turkey & Cranberry with Sweet Potato

    Another great flavour my doodles love, this food is brilliant that there’s so many flavours to pick from, especially for my two doodles that are so picky 🐶🐶 So every month I can order different flavours, excellent food, excellent service. Thankyou Growling Tums 🐶🐶😊

  • From Jill on Gourmet Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato

    Another excellent food from Growling Tums, my two large doodles love this flavour aswell, it’s brilliant that there’s a choice of flavours all grain free, great price, Happy Doodles Happy Owner 🐶🐶😊 Thankyou Growling Tums 😊

  • From Jill on Gourmet Pork & Apple with Sweet Potato

    Excellent food, my two golden doodles love this food, I do buy different flavours for them & they have loved every flavour they’ve had up to yet. No more runny poops with growlingtums & that’s brilliant. Quick delivery, customer service is second to none, Laura is very nice & polite & will give advice where needed. Thankyou Growling Tums 🐶🐶

  • From Brenda on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    I have two border collies, 13 and 14, one of whom has suffered from colitis all her life, and two jacks, one ten, one seven. My eldest collie recently had an attack of vestibular disease, and I believe the diet she has been on for some time now helped her to overcome this attack. This is only my opinion. They are my ‘girls’! They all dance when I am preparing their food, the ten year old jack is very vocal too!! They all love their senior GT , my collie with colitis has never been so well, I cannot praise Growling Tums enough. Delivery is brilliant, next day if ordered Monday to Thursday, or Monday if ordered on a Friday, I am so glad I found Growling Tums.

  • From Marian on Tantalising Chicken & Rice SMALL BREED Dog Food

    My morkie really loves this – it great it is nice and small, coat condition is lovely. Plus the vet said his overall condition and weight is excellent, all helped by a dog with a full tummy, but not over eating. 🙂

  • From salliecwaters on Flavoursome Salmon & Potato SMALL BREED Dog Food

    My nine Patterdale terriers love this, however I do wish they would bring out a light as all have been spayed and prone to weight gain. I have to carefully watch how much they eat because they love it so much. I would recommend this for smaller breeds. Delivery is great and always on the day that it is promised.

  • From Helen on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    I’ve tried my rescue black lab on several foods over the years to try and improve his skin and coat. For a long time now he’s been on a very well known sensitive food that I was told by a dog trainer was the best dog food available. However his skin remained flakey and his coat coarse and dull. I am still weaning him over to Growling Tums ( almost there at 90% GT’s) and his coat is soft and shining, skin a lot less flakey and tummy more settled. Very pleased….and I don’t normally write reviews !!

  • From Wilma on Gourmet Chicken, Turkey & Salmon with Country Veg Puppy Food

    My 10 month old french bulldog gets a lot of wind after everything he eats. Which is not nice for him and for me because it gets very smelly. This is the third food I try him on and bingo, no more smellies, no more an upset tummy. He likes it he grows very well on it and his coat shines. He has tons of energy and a lot of muscle.
    And hardly any stool so it does every thing they promise.
    I also have a pack of 6 English mastiffs and as soon I am through with their other food I will want to try them on this brand if they have something for giant breeds.

    Thank you growling tums for making life so much better for my little frenchie.

  • From Gillian Starling on Gourmet Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato

    My extremely fussy cocker spaniel has been on this food since a puppy. She is now on the fish gourmet adult range and loves it. We have so many comments even from our vet on her glossy coat which is always so shiny and in great condition . I recommended this food to my daughters rescue cockapoo who wasn’t in good condition and after about 4 weeks u can see the difference . Love this dog food and would recommend it to any of our Doggy friends .

  • From Leanne on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    My Alaskan Malamute has been on this food for 3 months now and I’m pleased with the result but have found no difference in hair loss. I will keep using it as it’s got plenty of natural goodness for a good price.

  • From Erika on Delicate Duck & Potato Grain & Cereal Free Dog Food

    Fantastic Food, we started off on the Salmon and aspartgus but we were still having problem motions (albeit massively better than prior to this), so we switch to the comfort chicken – yes slowly etc, but that was a horrendous for our boy, then onto this one and we have not looked back! Its fantastic. Thank you Growling Tums for a reasonable priced high quality food that is amazing for dogs. Your customer service is amazing and a real credit! Best of Britain

  • From Patricia on Delicate Duck & Potato Grain & Cereal Free Dog Food

    my boxer cross (4years old) has been on the duck and potato now for nearly 2 years i cant recommend it enough he has had a very delicate tummy in the past and suffers with hay fever during june and July ,since being on this food he has much improved and he enjoys it and i am always being told what a lovely coat he has , and the service is amazingly quick, Thankyou Growling Tums

  • From ELIZABETH on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    After reading the reviews about this dog food I was desperately hoping it would be the answer to my prayers and our home would no longer reek of doggy flatulence. Unfortunately this was not to be. I have two 9yr old dogs (both adopted from the age of 5) one is a female Dalmatian the other a male Shar Pei. Both have been a bit windy in the past,Dottie the Dalmatian bolts her food down even though I bought an anti-gulp bowl from day one which slowed her down a bit but she still swallows a lot of air when feeding. Luckily her flatulence isn’t smelly but can’t say the same for Marley the Shar Pei. If you wanted to evacuate a building in record time just send him in. My husband sits most evenings with his sweatshirt pulled up over his nose to stop breathing in the awful smell that Marley likes to share with him(Marley likes to lie by his feet with his rear end nearest him) I’m usually at the other end of the sofa out of range. Marley is on steroids due to an allergy which causes ear problems. Vet said he’s not certain but it’s possible this is causing him to suffer with excessive flatulence. I’ve ordered the grain free Pork,sweet potato and apple food so hoping we may have better results with it. If not going to have to resort to putting pegs on our noses lol The dogs do love the food though so hope that latest food will be the one to cure Marleys problem

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