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Free delivery over £29

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  • From ferret4amanda on Start Them Strong Puppy Food

    My young Whippet X puppy was slightly smaller than my domestic cat, would gobble her food down in one, often had a grumbling tummy & frequently produced really stinky, sloppy poops. So, I decided to try her with this food. The kibble is a good size for smaller mouths & from her first mouthful, she looked to be enjoying her new diet!! The ‘nasty poop’ cleared-up within 48hrs!! Plus, after a few days, she stopped gobbling down her meals and began eating far more slowly, still consuming every last morsel in her bowl. She has been growing nicely, (now roughly 2″ bigger than the cat), and in the 4 weeks between her 1st & 2nd Vaccination jabs, she’s more than doubled her body weight & is a lovely, happy, solid little puppy, with good energy levels, no excessive puppy fat & no ‘growling tummy’or nasty poop. I recently ordered a further 15kg of ‘Start them strong’ for my puppy. The ‘Next Day Delivery’ service is excellent!! Thanks Growling Tums’!!!
  • From Mary on Gourmet Senior Light Salmon & Trout

    This food is good. And he has not had a upset tummy since he has been on this food. I have problems finding sensitive dog food with no chicken. Like a lot of dog chicken upset my dog tummy.
    I was hopeing he would lose some weight but he hasn’t yet. He is a rescue Border Collie we have had him 4years we did find food with out chicken to start with but they changed the recipe and put chicken in it. I have been having trouble since finding a food that is light and no chicken. I was pleased when I found Growing tums. Even more pleased to find he like it and It suits him. Well done growing tums.

  • From Elizabeth on Scrumptious Salmon & Potato Dog Food

    Our dog has been on a growling tums diet for 3 years now and loves it, no trumps! We switch between the scrumptious salmon and the gourmet fish options every now and again to change it up for him. Really happy with your service, quick delivery and the option for the food to be left at the side of the house if we aren’t in! So important when we forget to order and he’s running low that we don’t then have to collect from the post office. The only thing I would love is for you to start doing is a direct debit / subscription service. It would be really useful!

  • From Ann on Gourmet Senior Light Salmon & Trout

    My rough collie Elvis is really enjoying this food and he is really fussy. I love that it is only 8% fat. He was on a much more expensive purina pro plan obesity management food recommended by the vet but he only lost 1kg in a year. Also the food had more wheat than anything else in it. So chuffed I came across this web site. I know he is going to thrive on this food which is important as he is 10 years old with arthritis and there is also a joint supplement added. Thanks Growling Tums.

  • From Libby on Gourmet Pork & Apple with Sweet Potato

    I just wanted to let you know that your gourmet Pork & Apple has hit an all time high in our house – Loki our labrador LOVES it – he sits by his food bin and beats the scoop to the bowl! He is not the typical lab – he used to leave his food all day and then eat it around midnight when we went to bed so this is amazing! Moving to your food has been the best things we have done in a long time- his tummy is better, his eating habits better and his coat amazing.

  • From Paula on Tantalising Chicken & Rice SMALL BREED Dog Food

    I’ve been giving my pooches this food for 2 months and My 2 cavaliers and my large dog love the small chicken and rice food. It’s small enuff for their little jaws and my big rescue wont eat anything else due to a jaw injury before I got her. Their coats are lovely shiny, they love this food and their poo hardly smells. They don’t itch or bite their skin anymore which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it. It was so sad to watch them in soo much discomfort. After trying so many things the e dry dog food has settled them downI can’t praise this food enough .

  • From Victoria on Flavoursome Salmon & Potato SMALL BREED Dog Food

    After having itchy, flakey skin issues with my mini schnauzer who was fed a well known expensive brand of dry food I decided to try your salmon and potato which has solved all itchyness his coat looks amazing and my other dog who is ridiculously fussy loves it aswell! I am so pleased and I recommend it to everyone! Thankyou from a happy customer and dogs!

  • From Charlie mcmanus on Start Them Strong Puppy Food

    All 4 of my dogs eat this brand and 2 of them where fussy 1 suffered loose stools not any more my only concern is little more protine could be added but they all look healthy and so great .

  • From Sue on Gourmet Senior Light Salmon & Trout

    My lab/retriever has been on samon/ trout light for a month, was 38.75 today weighed in at 37.50 so please we are getting to his goal weight and he loves his new flavour. Another bag to be ordered.

  • From Wilma on Super Meaty Strips 1.5kg

    These are amazing. My dogs never really care for these kind of strips because often they are dried out en look and smell like cardboard. But because the kibble is so good I thought lets give them a try. And they absolutely love them. All 6 of my dogs are crazy about these treats. They smell nice and feel nice not dried out or hard. Sometimes they get them as a whole strip and on walks and training I break them in bits.

    I hope you will make more treats in the future. Big size bisquits for xxl dogs would be great.

  • From Suzanne on Scrumptious Salmon & Potato Dog Food

    Amazing what a massive difference this food makes!. I have had my rescue pug for a year, have tried 3 different foods and she has always pooped a lot – 5 or 6 times a day. Within a week we are down to half that which has got to mean she is absorbing more goodness from her food. Skin itchiness is also improving. Just need to make sure she doesn”t put on the weight we have got her to lose! Great to have a relatively simple food which is good for her. No more accidents in house is an added bonus. Brilliant

  • From Wilma on Delicate Duck & Potato Grain & Cereal Free Dog Food

    My French bulldog Loki has a very sensetive tummy. His farts could kill someone. Ever since we use this food and only this one his tummy calmed down and the smellyness stopped.
    He loves it and his coat is beautiful. So a big win win situation.

  • From Tanzz on Succulent Salmon & Potato Large Breed Puppy Food

    We tried 4 different foods with our 7 month Weimaraner up to now, 3 weeks ago we bought large breed and he been a completely different dog. No zooms straight after eating, stools have firmed up and his coat shines.
    Highly recommend this to anyone thinking of changing, as my Weimaraner eats the lot now.

  • From Tania Bown on Succulent Salmon & Potato Large Breed Puppy Food

    This food is brilliant and have just ordered my 2nd 15kg bag. My Weimaraner has been on this for a month so far and stools have firmed, everyone stops us and comments on his shiny coat and after trying nuemerous foods, no more zoomies straight after eating due to no additives and colourants in this food. Thank you growling tums, your have a forever customer. A****

  • From Ivan Dawson on Gourmet Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato

    We have a Greyhound which has both Colitis and Pancreatitis, we have now been using this food for over a month and had no flare ups. Also she loves it and she has always be a hard dog to get to eat

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