All Growling Tums Reviews

  • From Erika on Gourmet Chicken, Turkey & Salmon with Country Veg Puppy Food

    Ordered a sample and Sally kept returning to the bowl. So glad after trying caraways, royal caine, pedigree and AVA. Will be purchasing more very soon

  • From R D on Flavoursome Salmon & Potato SMALL BREED Dog Food

    Sid the pug loves the salmon and potato, well he loves all food, but this suits him very well. Have ordered it several times now. Never leaves any so Sid is a happy dog and his owner is a happy purchaser. Always arrives next day delivery as promised.

  • From Mrs jill calladine on Gourmet Chicken, Turkey & Salmon with Country Veg Puppy Food

    At last found the perfect food for my 8month golden doodle,i tried him on growling tums puppy one but we still had runny poops, but this food had such good ingredients I really didn’t wasn’t him to come off this food as our 3yr old doodle has thrived on this food. So I scrolled down the list & found the Grain Free puppy with glucosamine in & all the vitamins in as what he needs as he’s a large breed puppy. At last thankyou to growling tums for the perfect food for my doodle no more runny poops & no more scratching his ears & biting his paws would definitely recommend this food. Thankyou Growling Tums my doodle will be staying on this food ???????

  • From Dorothy Cleminson on Flavoursome Salmon & Potato SMALL BREED Dog Food

    My little Layla pug just loves her salmon and potato. She is 8 years old now and for the first time eats every mouthful of her salmon and potato.. She has a glossy black coat. Perfect stools. More energy and is a healthier weight. Will definitely order again.

  • From Sonia on Comforting Chicken & Rice Dog Food

    We are very impressed with this food it certainly is excellent value for money. We now have both our Goldies on this food who absolutely love it. Since starting them on Growling tums we can see the difference in their coats and stools are much better , easier to pick up too

  • From Patricia on Gourmet Lamb & Mint with Sweet Potato and Peas

    Had the gourmet lamb, the turkey and the pork.. I’ve got 7 dogs all who have different needs, 2 field spaniels, 4 cavaliers and one tiny miniscule mini jack Russell cross. ALL of my furry babies dance at feed times, nothing is ever left and Thierry poos are so small and easy to pick up without odour… a couple of my dogs had itchy ears and that’s all cleared up.. love love love this food.. thank you from brodie, Bentley, beau, bellamia, bear, wiggy and dolly bird.

  • From Rosie on Gourmet Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato

    my 22 month old standard poodle Rodney, suddenly came out with a yeast problem. meaning his ears where pouring pus, as well as his skin coming out in blisters all over as well as his pads on his feet peeling away and becoming infected. At the time we spent hundreds of pounds at the vets who couldn’t really do much apart from treat his ears and give me foot wash. i scoured the internet and came across yeast intolerance. although it isn’t curable, it can be managed, i found this food, along with ear drops and having them cleaned out whilst sedated. he has come bouncing back. I’m sure most of it was diet related. next we are going to try the pork and apple one. he loves the food. he looks so much better. we are so relieved at his improvement. from constant shaking his head, itching his ears and biting his feet. to barely anything. all in around 4 weeks. Also the response and recommendations from staff has been so fast and very helpful.

  • From Pat Stewart on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    I bought the senior food about 6 weeks ago and I have to say how delighted I am with this food. Meg is an overweight 11 year old Kelpie who loves her food and has had a problem all her life with constant hair loss which is very embarrassing when we have visitors and their clothes get covered in her hair. I have a stock of sticky rollers for visitors!! I realised last week that her coat is absolutely beautiful and glossy and she is having little or no hair loss now. I had tried all kinds of suggestions with no success to solve this as her coat has been getting thinner but now we have no problem at all. Thank you very much

  • From Leanne McKinney on Succulent Salmon & Potato Large Breed Puppy Food

    I have just picked up my bull mastiff 8 week old puppy and she loves the food , just not sure how to measure the recommended measurements into cups ?

  • From Kitty Bailey on Tempting Chicken & Rice Adult LARGE BREED Dog Food

    My newfoundland loves this food! She was very picky at one stage and we had to mix wet with the biscuits she was on to try and persuade her to eat. She now gets so excited about meal times and so much less mess to clear up too! Will definitely be purchasing this food from now on

  • From SUE AND INDIE on Delicate Duck & Potato Grain & Cereal Free Dog Food

    My Malamute Indie had been on Duck and Potatoe for 18 mths after being diagnosed with food allergies resulting in sickness and runny poos , she then started to go off it and her old problems started again , I changed to the PORK and Apple which she has been on for about 2 months and it has settled down again , several people seem to have similar issues with their dogs so it is worth just changing the flavour if the problem comes back , my vet said that the body can get used to the food and then reject it when they are food sensitive , just thought this may be helpful

  • From Julie Newell on Scrumptious Salmon & Potato Dog Food

    My 2 huskies have been on this for a few months now and they love it. Only problem I have is that I have to hide it to stop them helping themselves to it. They are happy, healthy and their coats are glowing. No more fussiness from them and no more digestive problems. Will be giving other varieties a try.

  • From Teresa Grant on Gourmet Turkey & Cranberry with Sweet Potato

    Boss my rotti furbaby has been on Growling Tums since we took him home over 2yrs ago about a month of shop bought kibble and many poos and stinking trumps later looked into Grain Free for the rearend issues and because of possible skin ailments of this breed. Fed him large breed for the first yr to give his bones a good solid start in life (as we knew they’d have to carry a good weight around as he was growing up) Boss loves this kibble I am bad and add a pouch of meat or a tin of tuna in sunflower oil he everything in moderation has to be a good thing. Would well recommend these foods the are good quality and delivery is excellent too.

  • From CJ GERRIE on Golden Oldies Senior/Light Dog Food

    I needed to change my 10 year old Labrador’s food, Digby had eaten Dr John Silver Medal working dog type food for nine years. I’ve always been strict with not giving out treats/snacks, but he had developed a touch of middle aged spread anyway – along with monstrous breath and some almighty guffage. After a mortifying trip to the vet (who told me Digby was “obese” at 30.8kg) I decided to try our dog on Growling Tums and I am so delighted; he loves the food and has lost 600g in just under three weeks, so the formulation must be just right. His breath is positively sweet in comparison, there has been absolutely no guffage in my presence, toileting is so much less grim than it was and our hound has all the bounce and energy of a younger dog which is a delight to see…I was sceptical about so-called premium dog foods with daft names but I wholeheartedly recommend the Golden Oldies feed!

  • From Joyce s on Tantalising Chicken & Rice SMALL BREED Dog Food

    I have been giving my dog this kibble for about a year she is much healthier now and much more active now than when she was younger she is nine years old this month