Dogs breath smells. A guide to dog bad breath

By Growling Tums / November 19, 2021

If you love doggy cuddles as much as we do you may have noticed that your dog’s breath smells. A dog’s breath smells for several reasons but there are some quick and easy ways to help them solve the problem. Bad dog breath isn’t something that you have to live with nowadays. Dog bad breath […]

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How much to feed a puppy

By Growling Tums / November 18, 2021

One of the most important things to do when raising a puppy is deciding how much food they should be eating. The amount of food will depend on many factors, including age, weight, and activity level. In this guide I am going to go through some different guidelines for feeding puppies so you can make […]

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Help, my puppy doesn’t want to eat!

By Growling Tums / November 16, 2021

If you have a new puppy that doesn’t want to eat you’ll likely be feeling pretty stressed right now. Helping your puppy eat, enjoy their food, and receive the best nutrition possible can be daunting when they flat-out refuse their puppy food. Puppy food is very important for helping your new puppy grow up to […]

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How to help your dog's digestion

Some quick & easy ways to improve your dog’s digestion

By Growling Tums / June 19, 2020

As a dog food company that’s known for their healthy diets, one of the most frequent questions we have from new customers is “how do we improve our dog’s digestion?”.  If you’re in this position then don’t worry as there are some quick and easy ways to improve your dog’s digestion. Over the years we […]

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Get a fussy dog to eat

How to get a fussy dog to eat. The only guide you’ll ever need!

By Growling Tums / May 7, 2020

If you serve up a tasty nutrient packed meal and your dog just pushes it around the bowl then you might have a fussy dog.  Not all dogs have the same appetite but if you truly struggle to get your dog to eat then you’ll know exactly how stressful it can be. Why are dogs […]

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Can dogs eat crisps?

Can dogs eat crisps?

By Growling Tums / April 8, 2020

It’s a Saturday night, you’re relaxing on your sofa with your furry family, bowl of crisps in hand.  It’s only natural to want to share the joy with all your loved ones! But, before you do you may need to ask yourself ‘can dogs eat crisps’? I’m sure you know by now that crisps are […]

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