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Gourmet Dog Food

Calling all posh dogs, we have a Gourmet range too!

Gourmet Dog FoodWe’ve just released our Gourmet range of dog foods for all those dogs with a special interest in delicious doggy food. Made from lots of fresh meat and no added grains it’s a dinner time treat with added TLC. It comes in 4 adult flavours including Salmon & Trout with Asparagus and Sweet Potato, Lamb & Mint with Sweet Potato and Peas, Turkey & Cranberry with Sweet Potato and Pork & Apple with Sweet Potato. With great ingredients you also get some excellent health benefits due to the natural minerals and vitamins included in each food.

We’ve also released a gourmet puppy food made from Chicken, Turkey, Salmon & Country Vegetables. No grains in this one either, just a balanced selection of ingredients designed to give your new arrivals a great start in life. Oh, and very tasty one too!

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