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Growling Tums Reviews

My beautiful cockapoo Dotty gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. During her pregnancy she became incredibly fussy with her food. Having searched the net for reviews and more natural foods I came across growling tums. The reviews were quite special so we decided to give growling tums a go. I ordered the scrumptious salmon and potato food for Dotty and the grain free gourmet chicken, turkey & salmon with country veg for weaning and also for Dotty at the latter stages of her pregnancy. Dotty crunched her way through the salmon kibble and absolutely devours the puppy kibble. The puppies have recently moved on to foods and Growling Tums is going down a treat. I will certainly be recommending your food to my lovely families who just can’t wait to get their hands on their Curtabemdoodle puppy. I cannot thank you enough. Dotty is thriving as are her puppies. Your food is first class.
After placing an order for duck and potato, it arrived yesterday and went down a storm. He absolutley loves it. Due to his problems i had disclosed previously to Growling Tums staff he has little and often but he LOVES the food. You now have another satisfied customer. The bag size normally lasts him 2months so don't worry if i don't place an order as regularly as some of your other customers. He isn't a big eater lol. Thanks again, Kane is a growling tums lover best wishes and kind regards to all xx
Luna suffered with really bad bowels on and off for two years which the vet could not diagnose. After a change of vet – it was suggested to me that she had a leaky gut and advised that we moved to very simple diet. Bought your duck and potato which she has been on for just over a month. Lovely bowels, happy dog! She loves it too, so crunchy and tasty (so she says).
A friend introduced us to the delicate duck and potato for our dog, he always grazed over his old food, but he now eats two meals a day and the bowlful gets eaten straight away. A noticeable change in his coat very soft and silky and one happy little dog.
Helen & Andy
My dog has an allergy and her paws get red and sore from her nibbling at them. After I changed to this cereal-free food her paws are fine and no more itching. Also poos aren’t so smelly and she finishes the cereal immediately instead of picking at it through the day, must be tasty!
Pippa found it hard to settle on any puppy food, after frequent trips to the vet and pricey specialist vet food I finally found Growling tums. She put on weight, her coat now shines , she is five months old and full of energy and doing great!
My 5 year old border collie bitch has struggled with her weight since she was spayed. I tried expensive” light” dry foods in the past which did not seem to stave her hunger. She would constantly go to her food box. Now she appears to be satisfied with her food and she is maintaining a healthy weight. Just been weighed by her vet. Smiles all round.
Our young Labrador eats every last piece in his bowl, he loves it. He has always had a sensitive stomach but now it is very rare he has a soft poo. So pleased I found your website as it is so much cheaper than when I used Applaws.
Hi my dog Merlin is half way through his first 12kg bag of Chicken & Rice and loves it he always leaves a clean bowl where before I had to add warm water to make it smell better. I will be telling all of my doggy friends to use Growling Tums food.
I have 2 greedy pugs who love this food. I was a little worried changing over from the old food….. Not a problem at all not even a runny poo!! Thank-you growling tums! Will be using this food for ever.
Hi I'm Freddie and I am now eating your Duck and Potato food as I am a little allergic to grain, apparently! So mum's new project is to make me well and happy with Duck and potato food; I commend you it's lovely and I haven't been ill ....thanks! Oh and my coat looks great, different people have mentioned it, just out of the blue- I'm looking Handsome!
Freddie & Angela
I just wanted you to know that I am really pleased with the results since I changed both my Lurcher's onto this food. I have 2 puppies Annie is 11 months and Ada 7 months. Since Annie arrived with us she has always had a runny tummy and terrible wind. I have tried different foods ranging from the expensive through to the cheaper ones but none seemed to suit her. She was constantly stretching as she always seemed to have tummy ache. Since putting them both on this food just before Christmas the change has been amazing. Annie is like a different dog except that it must be so delicious that she is always trying to get in the cupboard for more!! All her symptoms have gone, stools are solid, wind has subsided and life is happy!!!
My little Shi Chi female puppy became very ill at 10 weeks of age with severe vomiting and diarrhea. 3 visits to the vets, with ante emetic injections, antibiotics and specialist food from the surgery, did not solve this problem. It was so severe I had to stay up all night on a few occasions syringing fluids into her to make sure she was hydrated. Then I found Growling Tums website, and after contacting them (which they replied within 10 minutes), I ordered the sample of puppy food. WHAT AN IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT. No vomiting and retching, and the diarrhea also cleared up. From an almost lifeless puppy, she became lively, playful, interested in everything, and also, her coat improved dramatically. This food did what the vets couldn't do - it solved a massive problem. The communication from Growling Tums is superb, and their advice has been invaluable. I've recommended this company to friends, and they also ordered - again, an improvement in the quality of their 4 year old dogs coat, and the feces is more acceptable. I cannot recommend this company and their products highly enough, and would say to anyone who has a problem, to buy this food. Also, and more importantly, my little girl gets very excited at feed times, and the lot disappears very quickly. Well done Growling Tums, and thank you so much.
I have noticed a difference in our dogs since they have been eating this food, they are generally happier and there have been a lot less nose holding moments since they have tried growling tums dog food. Read her full review
Chuck’s been having the Growling Tums for a couple of weeks now and he’s absolutely loving it! He wolfs his dinner down when its put down for him (with other brands of dry food, he turns his nose up until he’s so hungry that he forces himself to eat!) and his coat is looking fantastic. Read her full review
From first bite, Dexter enjoyed the salmon and potato and he continues to thrive on it. It's also made a huge difference to the tear stains around his eyes with none of the weeping that he'd experienced with the last dog food he'd tried. Great value for money and he seems to really enjoy it!
Alison H
I placed half a dozen biscuits into my puppies bowl of lunch and it was an immediate hit! Not only that, but my older Great Dane, who is a fussy eater, wolfed her meal down for the first time in four weeks, since we lost her best friend. I am so pleased and will definitely be ordering for you again very soon. Thank you for your personal and professional service throughout the whole procedure.
Owner of a Boarding Kennels
After nearly a month of Growling Tums food, twice a day, Lupo has a noticeably shinier coat and always leaves a clean bowl. I’d have no hesitation recommending this food to fellow dog owners looking for quality, a great price and to support an up and coming British business. Read her full review
Jessica Maccio
Velcro Dog Blog
I feed growling Tums to my own dogs having tried many other brands available in the UK. Just a month after feeding their food coats and skin looked great, and no more digestion issues. A great reassurance that they are on a healthy diet.
Julie Baker
Pet Nutritionist

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