Nerf Dog Toys – Which Nerf Dog Toy to Buy in 2023

Nerf Dog Toys

Nerf Dog Toys, a stellar line of dog accessories, provides a delightful world of play for our four-legged friends. Emerging from the esteemed Nerf brand renowned for their fun-filled toys, the Nerf dog toys have continued to carry forward the legacy of innovation, quality and entertainment. Offering an astounding array of toys, from squeakers and chews to balls and launchers, they cater to pooches of all sizes and breeds. The popularity of these toys among dog owners and their pets alike is testament to their appeal.

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The Charm of Nerf: Why are They So Popular with Dog Owners?

Nerf dog toys are beloved for multiple reasons. Firstly, their commitment to quality and durability ensures the toys withstand those powerful jaws and spirited play sessions. Made with the safest and sturdiest materials, these toys are designed to last, providing a worthwhile investment for owners.

The variety on offer is truly impressive, with toys that suit various breeds, sizes, and play styles. Whether your pooch enjoys a spirited tug of war, a gentle game of fetch, or a comforting chew, Nerf has got you covered.

Despite their high quality, Nerf toys remain remarkably affordable. This perfect blend of value and quality is a prime reason for their appeal among dog owners worldwide.

Birthplace of Nerf Toys: Where are Nerf Dog Toys Made?

Nerf, a brand owned by the multinational conglomerate Hasbro, has its manufacturing facilities located in multiple countries around the globe. The exact origin of each toy may depend on the production logistics and supply chains at any given time.

The Variety: What Kind of Dog Toys Do Nerf Make?

Nerf caters to every dog’s playful needs, offering a variety that caters to different play styles, temperaments, and sizes. Let's delve deeper into the kinds of dog toys Nerf creates:

  • Balls: A perennial favourite among dogs, Nerf's line of ball toys are a cut above the rest. The 'Nerf Dog Squeak Ball', for instance, is constructed from durable rubber and is designed to withstand vigorous chewing. Its bouncy nature adds an element of unpredictability to the game of fetch, keeping your dog engaged and entertained.
  • Squeaker Toys: If your dog is drawn to the sounds of toys, Nerf's collection of squeaker toys like the 'Nerf Dog Squeak Stick' is bound to thrill them. These toys are designed to produce amusing and engaging sounds when bitten or thrown, stimulating your dog’s hearing senses and keeping them captivated for hours. They're particularly useful for training or simply adding an extra layer of fun to your dog's playtime.
  • Chew Toys: For the dogs who love to chew, Nerf offers a range of sturdy chew toys, like the 'Nerf Dog Megaton Football Medium'. Made from robust thermoplastic rubber, these toys are designed to withstand strong jaws and teeth, providing your dog with a safe and long-lasting chew toy. Not only does this satisfy their innate need to chew, but it also promotes dental health by helping to clean their teeth and gums.
  • Tug Toys: The 'Nerf Dog Trackshot Tug' and other tug toys by Nerf provide an excellent opportunity for interactive play between you and your dog. Constructed with strong woven nylon, these toys can endure a good tug-of-war game. As a bonus, these toys can also assist in maintaining your dog's dental health, as the textured surface acts as a tooth cleaner during play.
  • Flyer Toys: For the dogs that love a good run and jump, Nerf's flyer toys are the perfect pick. The 'Nerf Dog TPR Flyer', for example, is disc-shaped and designed to glide through the air. Its bright colours are highly visible, and its robust build can handle enthusiastic catches. This toy encourages physical activity, keeping your dog fit and happy.
  • Launcher Toys: If a traditional game of fetch isn't exciting enough for your active dog, Nerf’s launcher toys add an exciting twist. The 'Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster' can launch a ball up to 50 feet away, adding a thrill to fetch games. The blaster allows for hands-free pick-up, meaning you can keep the games going without the slobber!
  • Plush Toys: When it's time to wind down after a day full of play, Nerf's plush toys provide comfort and companionship. The 'Nerf Dog Plush Football', for instance, is soft and cuddly, making it a perfect nap-time buddy.
  • Interactive Toys: Beyond the traditional toy types, Nerf also offers interactive toys designed to challenge and stimulate your dog. Toys like the 'Nerf Dog Puzzle Cube' present your dog with a fun problem to solve and reward them with treats, keeping their minds sharp.

Each toy in the Nerf line brings something unique to your dog's playtime, ensuring endless fun and stimulation. Whether you have an active chewer or a comfort-loving cuddler, there’s a Nerf toy that will suit them perfectly.

German Shepherd with Nerf Toy

Spotlight on the Best: Top Picks in Nerf Dog Toys

Determining the 'best' in each category isn't just a matter of personal preference. Here at Growling Tums, we've combined our firsthand experience testing these toys amongst our diverse pack of dogs with an analysis of product reviews from reliable sources like Amazon. This rigorous and comprehensive approach allows us to identify the standout toys in each category, considering factors like durability, engagement, and overall user satisfaction.

The Best Nerf Dog Ball

Our dogs have spoken - the 'Nerf Dog Squeak Ball' is their favourite. This ball isn't just durable, made from robust rubber to withstand even the most vigorous play, it's also entertaining thanks to the built-in squeaker. It's a toy that encourages active play and keeps dogs engaged for longer. Furthermore, Amazon reviewers echo our sentiments, consistently praising its long-lasting construction and high-visibility colours.

The Best Nerf Squeaker Toy

In the squeaker toy category, the 'Nerf Dog Squeak Stick' shines bright. Our dogs adore this interactive toy that stimulates their hearing and keeps them captivated for hours. Constructed with a tough thermoplastic exterior, it resists the teeth of determined chewers and stands the test of time. Amazon users agree, lauding its durable design and the fun squeaking sounds that keep their dogs entertained.

The Best Nerf Chew Toy

The 'Nerf Dog Teether Football' rises to the top in this category. Made from strong thermoplastic rubber, it's engineered to take on even the toughest of chewers. During our testing, this toy remained intact and popular among our chew-loving dogs. Reviews on Amazon similarly attest to its durability and the dental benefits it offers, making it a worthy choice for your dog's chewing needs.

The Best Nerf Tug Toy

The 'Nerf Dog Trackshot Tug' came out on top as a tug toy. With its robust woven nylon exterior, it can endure spirited tug-of-war sessions without compromising its structure. Its appeal wasn't only to our own pack but also mirrored by Amazon users, who appreciate its strength and the added bonus of it serving as a tooth cleaner during play.

The Best Nerf Flyer Toy

When it comes to flyer toys, the 'Nerf Dog TPR Flyer' soars above the rest. This disc-shaped toy promotes active play, encouraging dogs to run, jump, and chase. Our dogs were always ready for a game when this toy was around, and Amazon reviewers back up our observations, praising its durability and flight performance.

The Best Nerf Launcher Toy

The 'Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster' takes the crown in this category. It adds an exciting twist to fetch games by launching balls up to 50 feet away. Our pack loved the chase, and we appreciated the hands-free pick-up feature. This sentiment is reflected among Amazon users, who rave about the increased exercise their dogs get and the fun they have during play.

The Best Nerf Plush Toy

For a gentler playtime or a cuddle buddy, the 'Nerf Dog Plush Football' proved to be the best. Its soft, comforting texture makes it the ideal companion for winding down. Our dogs loved snuggling up to it, and Amazon reviews confirm its popularity, with many mentioning it as a favourite nap-time toy for their pets.

The Best Nerf Interactive Toy

The 'Nerf Dog Puzzle Cube' takes the win in this category. This unique toy combines playtime with mental stimulation, keeping your dog both physically active and mentally sharp. Dogs are challenged to figure out how to release the treats inside, keeping them engaged and rewarding their problem-solving with a tasty prize. Both in our own pack and among Amazon reviewers, this toy has proven itself as an excellent tool for mental enrichment and a source of endless entertainment.

Tailor-Made for Size: The Best Nerf Toy for Different Sized Dogs

Just like their human counterparts, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and the ideal toy for a Chihuahua may not suit a Great Dane. Nerf, understanding the diversity of our furry friends, caters to this variety with toys that can accommodate any size. Let's explore the best Nerf toys for large, medium, and small dogs:

Best Nerf Toy for Large Dogs

Large dogs tend to have a more powerful bite and a high energy level, so they need toys that can keep up with them. Our testing and reviews from Amazon users agree that the 'Nerf Dog Rubber Ball Dog Toy with Checkered Squeaker' is perfect for our larger companions. Its robust construction is designed to endure the jaw strength of bigger dogs and the rubber wrapping ensures a good grip for your pooch. It's big enough for a good game of fetch yet tough enough to stand up to a chewing session.  One of our team have a very hyperactive Vizsla that demolishes most toys and this one is so robust he's still playing with it after 4 months!

Best Nerf Toy for Medium Dogs

Medium-sized dogs strike a balance between power and playfulness, and they need toys that reflect this. The 'Nerf Dog 3.8in Bash Squeak Ball' is an excellent match. Its size is ideal for a comfortable grip and carry by medium dogs, and the squeaker adds a fun element to their playtime. Its durability is a plus, standing up to both fetch games and chew sessions. This toy was a hit among our medium-sized dogs during testing, and Amazon users seem to love it for the same reasons.

Best Nerf Toy for Small Dogs

Small dogs may be petite, but they are full of spirit. For our smaller fur friends, the 'Nerf Dog Ridged Squeaker Football' is a fantastic choice. Its design is lightweight and small enough for smaller dogs to play with and carry around comfortably. The ridges on the football make it easier for small dogs to grip, and the built-in squeaker offers added fun. Our own pack of smaller dogs loves this toy, and the Amazon reviews suggest it's a favourite among other small breeds too.

Remember, the size of the toy is vital for your dog's safety and enjoyment. A toy too large might be difficult for them to play with, and a toy too small could pose a choking hazard. Choose wisely, and you'll ensure playtime is both safe and fun.

Best Durable Nerf Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Nerf Dog 4in TPR/Foam Megaton Ball

For dogs with an indomitable passion for chewing, finding a toy that can withstand their tenacity is no small task. That's where Nerf steps in, with a range of robust toys created specifically to endure heavy chewers. Standing out amongst this durable range, according to our comprehensive testing and multiple Amazon reviews, is the Nerf Dog 4in TPR/Foam Megaton Ball.

Designed with resilience at its core, the 'Nerf Dog 4in TPR/Foam Megaton Ball is a boon for dogs that love to chew. This hardy toy, constructed from premium-quality thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and foam, is purpose-built to resist even the most vigorous chewing sessions. The TPR material also delivers an added dental health bonus - as your dog chews, it aids in cleaning their teeth and massaging their gums, contributing to a healthier mouth.

The Nerf Dog 4in TPR/Foam Megaton Ball goes beyond its primary role as a chew toy. Its unique design, mimicking the shape of a classic ball but enhanced with a textured surface, provides a varied tactile experience that keeps dogs engaged. Moreover, the ball's irregular bounce patterns introduce an unexpected element of surprise to playtime and fetch games, stimulating your dog mentally as well as physically.

Not to be overlooked is the toy's vivid colour scheme, which enhances visibility, so your pet can easily locate their toy indoors or outdoors, ensuring uninterrupted play.

In both our testing process and in the experience of countless Amazon reviewers, the Nerf Dog 4in TPR/Foam Megaton Ball has demonstrated its unmatched durability. Numerous dog owners have reported that the toy remains in excellent condition even after weeks of persistent, intense chewing.

Best Nerf Dog Toy for Hyperactive Dogs

Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy

Hyperactive dogs are bundles of energy waiting to be unleashed, and they require toys that can keep up with their vigorous playtime. To cater to these lively pooches, Nerf has come up with a range of toys designed to engage them physically and mentally. Among this collection, the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy shines the brightest, earning top marks in our tests and receiving glowing reviews on Amazon.

The Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy is an interactive toy that's a perfect fit for high-energy dogs. Its aerodynamic design allows it to be thrown far distances, making it an ideal choice for long, exhilarating games of fetch. Not only does this toy help to physically exhaust hyperactive dogs, but it also encourages them to focus their energy on a specific task, providing a great mental workout.

Made of thermoplastic rubber, this flyer is sturdy enough to stand up to rigorous play sessions. At the same time, it's flexible and soft, making it safe for dogs to catch mid-air without risk of injury. This combination of durability and softness makes the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy a hit among dogs and owners alike.

The unique design features of the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy also enhance its appeal. Its hollow, ring-like structure makes it easy for dogs to pick up and carry, while its bright colour ensures high visibility, no matter the setting.

Hyperactive dogs are often both a joy and a challenge to cater to, given their boundless energy and drive for play. The Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy, with its dynamic design and play potential, is the perfect solution. It satisfies their urge for continuous movement and keeps them entertained for extended periods, making it an excellent addition to your hyperactive dog's toy collection.

Best Nerf Toy for Dogs That Are Always Losing Toys

Nerf Dog LED Glow Sonic Ball

For those dog owners who are familiar with the endless cycle of replacing lost toys, Nerf has an innovative solution. The Nerf Dog LED Glow Sonic Ball is a beacon in the world of dog toys, designed to keep track of itself even when your dog can't. Its standout performance in our tests and the high praise from Amazon reviewers highlight its effectiveness.

The Nerf Dog LED Glow Sonic Ball comes equipped with an LED light that illuminates the ball, making it easy to spot, whether it's day or night. This makes the toy nearly impossible to lose, even in the thickest undergrowth or in the late evening hours when visibility is low. For dogs who have a knack for losing their toys, this light-up feature is a game-changer.

But the features of this ball don't stop at its glow-in-the-dark capability. The ball also emits a sonic sound that adds another layer of engagement for your dog. This auditory stimulation can be a huge benefit for dogs that are driven by sound in their play.

Crafted from a durable rubber, the Nerf Dog LED Glow Sonic Ball is designed to withstand rigorous play. It's also water-resistant, which means it can stand up to rainy days or a dive in the pool.

Best Nerf Toy for Bored Dogs

Nerf Dog Tri-Stack Tread Feeder Dog Toy

The Nerf Dog Tri-Stack Tread Feeder Dog Toy adds a fresh spin to the usual feeding routine, stimulating your dog’s natural foraging instincts. This toy features three stackable, rotating compartments that you can fill with your dog’s favourite kibble or treats. The rotating system requires your dog to engage with the toy physically and mentally, as they have to figure out how to access their food.

Not only does this toy provide entertainment and engagement for your dog, but it also offers several practical benefits. By presenting a playful challenge at meal or treat time, it promotes slower eating habits, which can help prevent bloating, choking, and obesity. Plus, the physical engagement required can help to expend some of your dog’s energy, making it a great option for active dogs.

The Nerf Dog Tri-Stack Tread Feeder Dog Toy is also a sturdy toy, constructed from high-quality, food-grade TPR that can withstand some robust play. Its unique design makes it easy for dogs of all sizes to grip and interact with, and it's easy to clean — a bonus for any dog owner!

People's Choice: The Most Popular Nerf Dog Toy Overall

Nerf dog tire football dog toy

When it comes to popularity, one toy seems to have a universal appeal, captivating the hearts of both pets and their owners alike - the Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy. Its unique combination of a classic football shape and tire-like ridges creates an exciting play experience and, by all measures, it's the champion of the Nerf dog toy range.

This toy stands out due to several unique features. For starters, its football (American) shape makes it perfect for a rousing game of fetch. The tire-like ridges, on the other hand, provide an interesting texture for dogs to explore with their mouths, promoting healthy chewing habits.

The Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy is not just a hit among our pack, but it's also well-loved in the wider dog owner community. The Amazon reviews are testament to this - owners rave about the toy's durability and how it stands up to heavy chewing, even from larger and more boisterous breeds. Moreover, its squeaking feature adds an extra element of excitement for the dogs and makes playtime even more engaging.

Another aspect worth noting is its high-visibility colour. This makes it easy for your dog (and you!) to spot it, whether in your backyard, at the park, or even in water.

Finally, the Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy is suitable for both solo play and interactive games with the owner. Whether your dog prefers to enjoy their playtime independently, gnawing away at the toy, or engage in a fun-filled fetch session with you, this toy accommodates it all.

The combination of these features makes the Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy the most popular Nerf dog toy overall, proven both by our own testing and the positive reception among the broader pet-owner community on platforms like Amazon.

The Perfect Fit: How to Choose the Best Nerf Dog Toy for Your Own Dog

Choosing the perfect toy for your dog involves understanding your pet's size, breed, age, and preferences. If your dog is a heavy chewer, sturdy chew toys would be a wise choice. For energetic dogs, balls, flyer or launcher toys that stimulate exercise would be ideal. If your dog loves sounds, a squeaker toy would keep them entertained. And finally, for dogs that love comfort and cuddle time, plush toys can be a great choice. Always consider the toy's size in relation to your dog to ensure it's safe and enjoyable for them.

Purchasing Points: Where to Buy Nerf Dog Toys

Nerf dog toys are widely available in pet stores across the globe, as well as online platforms. Amazon stands out as a superb place to purchase these toys. Offering a wide variety of Nerf dog toys, user reviews, and often competitive prices, it's a convenient one-stop shop for all your Nerf needs.


Nerf dog toys offer a blend of quality, variety, and fun that is truly hard to beat. The brand has taken great strides to develop a diverse selection of toys that cater to the unique needs and preferences of dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether your dog prefers a game of fetch with a bouncy ball, enjoys a good chew session with a tough toy, or loves the excitement of a squeaking toy, Nerf has you covered.

In this guide, we've explored the standout toys in the Nerf lineup, from the Nerf Dog Squeak Ball to the Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy. Each of these toys has its own unique features that set it apart and make it a favourite among four-legged friends and their human counterparts alike.

But remember, the best toy for your dog is one that matches their size, interests, and playing style. So, consider your pet's personality and preferences when choosing a toy for them. And, when in doubt, the ever-popular Nerf Dog Tire Football Dog Toy is a crowd-pleaser that promises plenty of fun times ahead.

With their continued dedication to quality and innovation, Nerf dog toys are a worthwhile investment for the enrichment of your pet's life. They are widely available in pet stores across the globe and online on platforms like Amazon. So, no matter where you are, a Nerf toy for your furry friend is just a few clicks away.

In conclusion, Nerf dog toys provide an excellent way to enhance your dog's playtime, helping them stay physically active, mentally stimulated, and above all, happy. After all, a happy dog makes for a happy home!

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