Functional Treats

Our range of functional treats are super tasty, but also help dogs in a number of important ways.  They're great as a daily treat and pair excellently with our foods.  All of them are grain and gluten free.

Boost Ups

General Health & Immune Treats

Designed to help our dogs stay healthy for longer.  Works well with older dogs, and those needing a general health kick!

Beauty Bites

Everything needed to improve skin & coat

Whether they're getting ready for Crufts, or need some serious help with skin or coat, Beauty Bites can provide a makeover!

Mouth Magic

Better teeth & fresh breath made easy

They're called Mouth Magic for a reason.  Smart ingredients known to help improve breath and teeth condition.

Tummy Tonic

A 'wonder treat' to help improve digestion

Super tasty, but contains everything needed to help improve digestion issues.  No more runny stools!

Chew Style Treats

Super Meaty Strips

Soft chew strips

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