Create Your Own Bundle


Create your own bundle from our 2kg packs of dog food.  Add two of your preferred packs to your cart to make 4kg of total food.

If you’d like more that then simply repeat the above process with two other packs of food.

Delicate Duck & Potato 1.5kg – optional

Golden Oldies Senior/Light 1.5kg – optional

Scrumptious Salmon & Potato 1.5kg – optional

Comforting Chicken & Rice 1.5kg – optional

Luscious Lamb & Rice 1.5kg – optional

Tantalising Chicken & Rice Small Breed 1.5kg – optional

Tempting Chicken & Rice Large Breed 1.5kg – optional

Flavoursome Salmon & Potato Small Breed 1.5kg – optional

Gourmet Salmon & Trout 2kg – optional

Gourmet Turkey & Cranberry 2kg – optional

Gourmet Lamb & Mint with Sweet Potato and Peas 2kg – optional

Gourmet Pork & Apple with Sweet Potato 2kg – optional

Gourmet Senior Light Salmon & Trout 2kg – optional

Gourmet Chicken & Herb 2kg – optional

Gourmet Haddock 2kg – optional

Superfood Duck 2kg – optional

Superfood Salmon 2kg – optional

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