Dog Foods for Pancreatitis

Have a look at our selection of dog foods that help Pancreatitis. They’re low fat, sensitive on digestion and they get hundreds of 5 star reviews from owners in the UK.  Read our pancreatitis FAQ's for more information.


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Frequently asked questions

Why do these foods help my dog's Pancreatitis?

These foods are very successful at helping your dog's pancreatitis for a few reasons.  Firstly, they're low in fat.  Fat can trigger the pancreas to release more enzymes, which can make the swelling worse. 

They are also really sensitive on digestion.  As pancreatitis is a digestion based issue, foods that are easier to digest also help. 

Great nutrients.  These foods have smarter nutrients to ensure your dog has everything needed to cope.  Gourmet Salmon & Trout Light (in particular) is cooked gently at lower temperatures to ensure greater bio-availability of nutrients.

And, as a bonus they taste great which will encourage more enjoyment from their new low fat diet.

Which food is best for Pancreatitis?

All foods on this page work really well with pancreatitis.  They're low in fat, hypoallergenic and easy to digest.  Gourmet Salmon & Trout Light is the most popular food with owners of pancreatitis suffering dogs.

We would always recommend trying our Pancreatitis Meal Plan as this is extrmely effective at helping the condition and stopping flare ups.

What is the fat content of these foods?

The fat content is listed near the bottom of both product pages.  But they are around 7-8% fat content.

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