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If your dog is overweight our Weight Loss Dog Food will help them get back to peak condition.  They have all been carefully designed by vets to be extremely useful at helping all dogs lose weight in a healthy way.  A dog food for weight loss doesn't have to be boring - they all score very high on palatability tests making them perfect for all discerning hounds!

Weight Loss

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Weight loss dog food is an essential part of maintaining your pet's overall health and well-being. As a caring pet owner, you want to ensure your furry friend stays fit and active throughout their lifetime. That's where Growling Tums comes in, offering a range of nutritious and delicious diet dry dog foods specifically designed to help overweight dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Our weight loss food formula is crafted with the perfect balance of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support your dog's metabolism and promote safe, gradual weight loss. They contain high-quality protein sources, such as lean chicken or fish, to help maintain lean muscle mass while shedding excess fat. Additionally, our weight loss dog food is rich in dietary fibre, which aids digestion and helps your dog feel fuller for longer.  We've also included prebiotics to strengthen the digestion process during period of weight loss.

One of the key aspects of UK weight loss dog food is the calorie content. Growling Tums' calorie-controlled formula ensures your dog receives the right amount of energy to stay active without consuming excess calories that can lead to weight gain. Our weight loss dog food also contains L-carnitine, an amino acid known to support the body's fat-burning process, further aiding your dog's weight loss journey.

Another important feature of our weight loss dog food is its palatability. We understand that taste matters when it comes to feeding your dog. That's why Growling Tums uses only high-quality, natural ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Our recipes are crafted to satisfy even the most discerning canine taste buds while providing optimal nutrition for weight management.

We have lots of fussy dogs using our foods and they get on extremnely well with them.  If your dog falls in to the fussy category then definitely try our Weight Loss Meal Plan, or Gourmet senior/Light Salmon & Trout.

Choosing the right weight loss dog food is crucial in preventing obesity-related health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems. Growling Tums' specially formulated dry dog food not only aids in weight loss but also provides complete and balanced nutrition to support overall health and vitality. Our commitment to using only the best ingredients ensures your dog receives the nutrition they need to thrive while shedding those extra pounds.

Our 'diet dog food' range includes nutrient-dense foods that are lower in calories but high in flavour. We include high-quality lean proteins like chicken and turkey and fish, fibre-rich vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats for energy. Each ingredient is carefully selected to contribute to a balanced diet that supports healthy weight loss and overall well-being in your dog.

Unlike typical dog food that can be high in fat and calories, our weight loss dog food range is crafted to promote healthy weight loss. These foods are packed with lean proteins for muscle maintenance, fibre to aid in digestion and promote a feeling of fullness, and balanced levels of fats and carbohydrates to fuel your dog's everyday activities. By switching to our diet dog food range, you're taking a proactive step towards your pup's health and longevity.

All of our weight loss foods are good but if you require drastic assistance we'd suggest one of the following foods. 

Weight Loss Meal Plan
Gourmet Senior/Light Salmon & Trout
Gourmet Senior/Light Turkey
Golden Oldies

Absolutely not and we never ever will! 

Artificial additives have been linked to many health issues with dogs and we strongly disagree with their use.  Instead, we preserve our foods with natural rosemary extract.


report improvements in weight

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