Frequently Asked Questions


If I order now when will I receive my food?

As a rule of thumb if you order with us before 11:30 on a weekday you’ll receive your dog food the very next weekday.  For a precise delivery day please look on the individual product pages.  The delivery day is shown right underneath the order button.  Keep in mind that bank holidays are excluded from this rule as our Sled Dogs insist on taking the holiday!


Do I need to be in on the day of delivery?

No. Our courier company will leave your order in a safe location if you tell us to do so during the checkout process.  If you use a mobile number during the checkout process we’ll also send you a text with a 1 hour delivery window on the day your parcel is due to arrive.


Can you give us a delivery time in advance?

If you use your mobile phone number in the ‘contact telephone’ field during checkout you’ll receive a 1 hour delivery window on the morning your delivery is due.


Do you only deliver within the UK?

Unfortunately due to Brexit we no longer ship outside mainland UK.


Dietary Requirements

My dog needs to lose weight. Which food will help?

Our specifically formulated ‘diet’ food that can help dogs lose weight is our Senior/Light food. We have countless customers using the food with great results. Our Gourmet Senior/Light also has reduced calories per 100g of food and can help lose weight.


My dog is prone to allergies. Which food is best to help manage the issue?

All of our foods are hypoallergenic and very effective with dogs prone to food related allergies.  None of our foods contain ingredients linked to allergic problems in dogs. If you’d like an extra layer of protection then our Delicate Duck & Potato dog food is also grain free.


My vet has advised me to start feeding a low fat food. Are any of your foods suitable?

Certainly. Generally when people are looking for a low fat dog food they’re looking for a fat content of less than 10%. We have a couple of options available that our customers recommend.

Our Senior/Light dog food and our Comforting Chicken & Rice are both low in fat.


My dog suffers from Colitis. Which food is best?

Dogs with Colitis respond well to high quality diets.  As our dog foods are all hypoallergenic and made from high quality protein all of them could help ease your dog’s symptoms.  If your vet has advised you to limit fat intake then our Golden Oldies Senior/Light and Gourmet Senior/Light will work best.


Which dog food can help my dog put on weight?

Just like in humans, a higher calorie intake can help your dog gain weight.  We’d suggest using our Duck & Potato or Salmon & Potato foods as they are slightly higher in fat/calories


My dog suffers from Pancreatitis. Which food is best?

Low fat foods are recommended for dogs with Pancreatitis.  Our Senior/Light dog food and Gourmet Senior/Light are both low in fat and can help with the condition.


Our Food

Is it really true that dogs love the taste of your foods?

Absolutely.  All of our premium dog foods have been designed with taste in mind, as well as health.  Unlike other brands we achieve yummyness by using high quality natural ingredients.  No artificial flavourings are needed when the ingredients are top notch.  If you are worried your dog can be super fussy then try our Delicate Duck & Potato or Scrumptious Salmon & Potato.  You’ll be surprised!


Are all your foods hypoallergenic?

Yes. All of our dog foods are fully hypoallergenic. We use carefully chosen high quality ingredients from Britain.  We never include ingredients scientifically linked to allergic reactions in dogs.  Only wholesome, nutrient rich ingredients.


Are your dog foods made in Britain?

Yes. All of our foods are made in the North of England. Our head office is in Glasgow.


Where can I find information on your ingredients?

All our individual dog foods have comprehensive ingredient listings on their individual product page.  If you’d like more information then feel free to contact us.


Do you offer any bulk discounts?

We are always happy to offer discounts on orders containing multiple bags of dog food. Email us beforehand for full price details.


What’s the difference between your standard range and gourmet range?

Our gourmet range contains a higher percentage of meat and uses novel carbohydrates such as sweet potato and fresh fruits.  It also uses vegetable fat instead of poultry fat making it ideally suited to dogs allergic to chicken and poultry.


Do you have feeding guides?

Yes, we have feeding guides for all our individual dog foods.  Please look on the product pages underneath the ‘More Info’ tab near the bottom of the page.  These guides are based on NRC suggestions for very active dogs.  For normal activity levels deduct 50g per day.  For low activity levels deduct 100g.  Keep in mind that every dog is different and that these are only guidelines.


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